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Castle Rock Restoration, Construction & Remodeling Services, Lake Zurich, IL



How can Castle Rock help?

We offer a free, no obligation inspection of your home and determine how significant the damages are, and what can be done to fix the affected areas. We can meet with your insurance adjuster and negotiate a “Fair Market Price” to have all the work completed for the exact amount the insurance company pays. This keeps you from over paying.


Will my insurance rates go up if I make a claim?

Following a significant storm some insurance companies may consider your area a ZONE area. The insurance company may raise your rates if you are in this described ZONE area. It makes no difference if you file a claim or not as you are now in the same pool and your rates may increase regardless if you file a claim or not.


Will my insurance company cancel my policy if I make a claim?

NO. You cannot be cancelled for filing a claim, especially if it was not your fault.


Can I wait to file a claim?

NO. Most insurance companies only give you a short time in which to file a claim and after that they are not obligated to fully indemnify you for your loss. You need to file a claim as soon as possible in order to ensure that you get prompt and adequate coverage.


Do I need to get two or more estimates?

NO. All insurance companies have their own price lists that they must go by and will only pay for necessary repairs, (according to their price list), regardless of how many estimates you may get. By getting several estimates you will only save the insurance company money and cost yourself time and quality. By letting a professional negotiate with the insurance company, we can make sure that you get everything necessary for a quality restoration.


How much will the entire process cost?

The entire process will cost you your deductible amount in most cases, usually $250.00, $500.00 or $1000.00, but in most cases we can help you with that. Castle Rock has an aggressive referral program.


Will my insurance company give me more money if I spend more than they have given me?

PROBABLY NOT! Your insurance company will only pay supplemental  items that you can prove they overlooked. Castle Rock does an extensive inspection of your home; we will not let them overlook anything! We work with all insurance companies!


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